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Hard-Fisted Night
Hard-Fisted Night

Billy Joe stumbled in, said, "Someone buy me a beer"
Nobody made a move, I guess they didn't hear
Bob is sippin' whisky in the corner all alone
Cursin' every single woman he has ever known
Eddy says to Jim, "I'm getting' tired of playing pool
Jim says, "Sure, you sank the eight ball, now I look like a fool"
And I'm sittin' in the shadows stayin' out of sight
'Cause if you ask me, it's gonna be a hard-fisted night

The bartender keeps his eyes down like he's polishing the glasses
There's a rap group on TV, Bob says, "We should kick their asses"
Bartender says, "No more for you, you've drunk enough to drown"
Bob says, "Stop actin' like my girlfriend, don't you dare turn me down"
Billy Joe says, "No one asked me, but I could use one too"
Eddy slams his quarters down, Jim's chalking up his cue
Says, "I'm gonna run this table, and he might do it just for spite"
Me, I'm getting' outta here, it's a hard-fisted night

It's no time to make a stand
I'd better turn and run
Before some broken-hearted fool tries to prove he's a man
And forget what he's lost or won on a hard-fisted night

I'm on my third beer, I been thinkin' 'bout the past
Wishin' she was here, I was sure it would last
When she broke up with me, I just felt like breakin' down
All I feel like doin' now is tearin' up this town
So Bob, don't touch that jukebox, I'm tired of whinin' and strummin'
The only blow that gets you, Boy, is the one you don't see comin'
And a woman's heart's the only think a man can't fight
Drop that quarter in the slot and it'll be a hard-fisted night

It's no time to make your stand, Boy
You'd better turn and run
Before this broken-hearted fool tries to prove he's a man
And forget what he's lost and what he's won on a hard-fisted night

Short Song Description:
A rowdy roadhouse song about a bar fight about to break out.
Long Song Description:
Rockin' blues with harmonica and attitude.
Story Behind the Song:
I've been in so many dives in the South where trouble was brewing, all these images are from real situations I was in.
Lyric Credits: Kevin Johnston
Music Credits: Kevin Johnston
Producer Credits: Kevin Johnston
Publisher Credits: Sevanne Music
Performance Credits: Kevin Johnston
Label Credits: Sevanne Records
Song Length: 2:56
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: Blues-Country
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Violence
Subject Matter 2: Alchohol, Beer, Wine
Mood 1: Anxious
Mood 2: Tense
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later